Service overview

Safety measure also pat!

Bulletin boards are content that targets spam. That is why WOX emphasizes safety measures. Prohibited IP Prevents spam and annoying posts that hinder the operation of bulletin boards by countermeasures such as word setting and image authentication function.
  1. Spam filter (The system rejects posts that are monitored in real time and judged as spam)
  2. Prohibited IP · Host (You can register blacklist on customer side)
  3. Image authentication function (Mechanical spam can be eliminated)
  4. Post key (Password is required for posting, people who do not know the password can not post)
  5. Display after viewing the content of posting after display (It takes time and labor to check posted articles, but 100% of malicious posts can be excluded)

Easy for beginners

The management screen for posting / editing articles and customizing the homepage is devised so that ease of use is considered first, and it can be done with the minimum operation.
There is no difficult operation, you can easily post / edit / customize with check boxes and drag & drop.

Fulfilling functions

We upload various images such as "html · txt · pdf · doc · xls · ppt · lzh · zip" as well as uploading the image "jpg · jpg · png". Posting pictures and illustrations taken, posting WORD and PDF file reports, etc. It is a bulletin board that you can use for various purposes.

Abundant template

We prepare various templates centering on simple and easy-to-see things without disturbing contents. You can use it as it is, or you can customize it to your liking based on the initial template.
Also, even if you want to move to another template later, you can easily change the design with a sense of dressing up.

You can specify the content publishing level finely

You can limit the password to the content, or restrict only the WOX Friend.
  1. Entire Internet (anyone can access it)
  2. WOX user as a whole (Only users registered in WOX will be able to access)
  3. WOX Friend only (Only WOX Friends will be able to access)
  4. Password restriction (Only people who know the password can access it)
  5. Temporary pause (content will be private)

500 yen per month with no ads

If you upgrade to a premium user, you can use all the functions that were restricted in the free version, such as hiding ads and handling to your own domain. (Please see "WOX bulletin board specification sheet" for the difference between the premium version and the free version.)
In addition, once you register as a premium user, you can use any number of services provided by WOX. Even if you use two bulletin boards when subscribing to a course of 500 yen per month the monthly fee is 500 yen. Of course, even if you use a service other than the bulletin board, the monthly fee will not change, so using more than one WOX service is even more advantageous.

Even free users will not see ads as much as possible

The advertisement displayed on the bulletin board will be displayed for the first time if there is no posting for seven days. Therefore, if it is a bulletin board on which updating is frequently done, it can be used as a bulletin board without advertisement display.
For premium users, ads will not be displayed even if there is no update.
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